5 Prolific Lessons from the “Presidential” rodents.


It’s no longer news that official sources from the presidency declared very recently, that the President’s office is unconducive for work, because of the damages caused by an invasion of “presidential” rodents and as such, the first citizen of our dear nation will work from his official residence until his office is put back in good condition.

Now, while many people considered this a national embarrassment, many others made a joke out of it and this is one part i like about my countryour ability to make a joke out of almost everything.

Then I soon read a flashback news of how the white house in the USA had shared in this Presidential rodent experience… (https://www.thecable.ng/flashback-white-house-rodent-disrupted-obamas-press-conference )

As I continued to ponder on this, I started to pick a few lessons from the ‘Rat’ and I’ll share with you:

  1. They know how to proliferate: They believe nowhere is too big or too small for them and so from the white house to the villages, in the King’s palace and in the beggar’s hut, they know how to make themselves a common feature.
  2. They announce their presence: It is in their nature not to be hidden, so it doesn’t take long before they reveal their presence in a place either by the noise they make or by their odour (depending on the breed) or by making themselves visible to the human eyes.
  3. They love to make an impact: It is easy to tell where a rat has been by the impact they make. Although theirs can be destructive, they sure know how to leave a mark (that causes news), so that even in their absence their presence is not easily forgotten.
  4. They are persistent: Rats have a persistent mindset with which they operate. They never give up and they keep disrupting places and events until they succeed or are finally evicted.
  5. They understand speed: Regardless of their age or size, rats understand the need for speed and they try to master the skill of swiftness in movement in order to avoid being trapped or caught.

Now, if you are diligent in your business and learn to proliferate, refuse to be hidden, choose to make an impact, remain persistent and operate swiftly, you too can disrupt and make international news headlines like the Presidential rodents.



How to achieve Personal Transformation using your FREE TIME


So i was privileged to visit two universities across two states in one week where I had speaking engagements and other meetings and I saw a lot of students in their idle mode because the academic staff union had commenced an industrial action as a form of protest against the government and this action crippled all academic activities on campus and gave students as well as lecturers “free time”.

As we live and apply ourselves daily, It’s okay to have “free time” allotted to us, either as routine break time, quarterly/annual leave or holiday and this is for the purpose of allowing individuals to maximize time for various achivements outside routine, but what you do with your “free time”  determines how high you fly or how low you fall.

So today, I’ll share with you how you can achieve personal transformation with your free time using these 8 power steps below:

  1. READ: You can utilize your free time to grow your intellectual prowess and increase knowledge by reading books, eBooks, you can also listen to audio books and visit the library where you can find lots of books to read in a conducive environment.
  2. THINK: You can use your free time to Think, Plan, Meditate and Strategize your way forward. In the place of thinking, you review the past and adequately prepare for the future by engaging your imagination positively to plan and build a strategy for success.
  3. SERVE: You can use your free time to get a job and volunteer your services in order to increase your capacity, learn and gain experience which can never be taken from you. Instead of sitting idle, serve, learn and grow.
  4. LEARN A SKILL: You can utilize your free time to acquire a new skill as much as you want because in this age, people with skills are at an advantage as long as they know what to do and how to do it well. With the knowledge acquired, you can start a business, run it, grow it and make some money for yourself during your free time.
  5. RECREATE: This is one way to refresh your mind and soul during your free time. After work, it is gainful to rest, eat well, visit the gym and exercise, play games, see a movie, go on a window shopping, spend time with family and friends too.
  6. GET CERTIFIED: In this age we live in, professional certificates and qualifications are extremely valued by various disciplines and you can take advantage of your free time to enroll for and complete a professional training.
  7. ATTEND A SEMINAR: There are so much opportunities flying around us everyday. We can utilize our free time to attend a seminar, workshop, conference or a masterclass on any area of interest both offline and online.
  8. TAKE ACTION: Free times are times to act wisely and take appropriate steps towards your greatness. Remember that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, so it is your responsibility to determine to optimize your free time now, to achieve personal transformation.

Don’t procrastinate.

Just do it!


Here’s one way to save time…


So I decided to feed my eyes by looking sideways and enjoy the music from the car stereo as I rode in a cab along the streets of Port Harcourt, when I saw an advert banner from one of the popular banks, hanging on the streetlight pole along the way with an amazing caption that read:

“Open an account in 4 minutes”

Wow! They were showcasing their new instant account platform by which an account opening process takes just 4 minutes—


Now here’s their secret: They’re leveraging on technology to innovate their processes, save time and add value to their services.

And as I thought on these, it dawned on me that in this age, people (including me) will prefer “speed and accuracy” to “slow and steady” in order to gain a fair advantage of time.

So, it behoves on everyone to leverage on technology (which is not complex), to innovate their processes, their products and services, to add value, attract the right people and propel growth and profitability.

With technology, you can do it faster, save time and still get it correctly.

  • Speed and accuracy or Slow and steady…

You choose!


Time to UPGRADE!!!

upgrade4-copyThe month of August is usually the eighth month of the Gregorian calendar and the number 8 is widely regarded as the number of a new beginning, presenting us with a fresh opportunity to take responsibility, act wisely and succeed, regardless of previous events that didn’t measure up with success.

In the world today, it has become ethical for people and processes to UPGRADE, switch level and consistently transform in order to achieve good success.

Very recently, I received an email from one of the “giant” social media platforms- LinkedIn, as one of their active contributors and it was a message informing me of their latest changes and UPGRADE of their system to ensure efficient service delivery to their customers.

Then it struck me afresh, that every person, product and process that must remain relevant and valuable must learn to UPGRADE!

It’s time to let go of the old and move onto the new.

It’s time to UPGRADE.

Let’s move forward and upward.

Act now!

Buy the FUTURE now!!!

Manufaktureigene Elektrotankstelle/Volkswagen Golf Blue-e-Motion

A few years ago, there was an advert that aired on many TV stations in Nigeria, by one of the commercial banks of that time and they said:

“one day, cars will run on water”

While it sounded impossible to many viewers, they were simply showing us where their imagination had taken them- into the future!

They were able to reach into the far future, see the incredible and buy into the realm of possibilities.

I strongly believe that the future is here.

Cars don’t run on water yet, but many cars now run on electric current, after they are charged up.

Soonest, maximum innovations will replace petrol stations with electric charging hubs.

Already, some countries have given deadlines for the extinction of cars powered by petrol engines and automobile companies like Volvo have also set their time to discontinue the production of petrol powered cars.

All these may eventually evolve to the place where we would drive cars that “run on water” like that bank prophesied in their commercial.

But while we await what is to come, you must play your role effectively, use your imagination to buy yourself a place in the future.

Learn, Think, Explore, Invent, Innovate, Build, Position and Package yourself, your product and service to be future compliant.

Like John Obidi will always say: Be phenomenal or be forgotten!!!


About Innovation and Creativity (A lesson from China)


As I grew as a little boy a few years ago, the word China was not synonymous with industries and productivity.

In fact the only thing I knew about China, apart from being an Asian country was the slim, yellow wooden ruler I used in primary school, on which was boldly written: “Made in China”.

Today, the world has a totally different testimony about China as they have strategically positioned themselves as phenomenal nation.

One secret they have is their quest for creativity and innovation and they drive this with grave passion, challenging and empowering their people to not just think outside the box, but “think like there’s no box”.

Recently they unveiled their latest monorail system, which has the railcar hanging under the rail with a very fast speed ability and I’m amazed how they consistently challenge convention through creativity and innovation.

Just like China, we can give expression to our creative and innovative potentials, when we truly discover who we are and what we have and passionately determine to make a difference and add value in order to meet the needs in our environment, solve problems in our world and become phenomenal.

The choice is yours!





Value & Personal Leadership (a lesson from the pear tree)

SafoutierSo I sat out with one of my protégés and I shared with him a few lessons I have learnt in my journey, one of them was on Value and Personal Leadership.

As I shared with him on why leaders must first become valuable and lead themselves before leading others, I used the African pear tree to illustrate my point.

It is the season of the African pear in Nigeria and a blend of the pear fruit with maize (boiled or roasted) can make you feel like you’re eating a special kind of chocolate.

Then I asked what attracts him to the pear tree and he quickly answered: The fruit!

I also asked him, does the tree remain attractive when it’s out of season, and he said: No!

Then I said to him “People are attracted to you when you become valuable and People stay with you when you consistently deliver value”

We must realize that it is the value in the pear fruit that makes the tree attractive.

In a few months time it will be out of season and consequently will lose its attractiveness.

And so if you must lead and remain relevant as a leader, you must be valuable and consistently deliver value!