Time to Emerge


Everyone alive was created with great potentials. We all came out of the womb empty-handed but richly-gifted.
People who become true leaders are those who discover themselves and their true value and let their greatness emerge as they serve their gifts to humanity. However, these three keys are expedient for your greatness to emerge:
1. Environment- Every seed (and gift) requires the right environment to grow. Toxic environments will kill the seed but fertile environments will enable growth and fruitfulness.

2. Nutrients- Every seed that grows to become a tree with fruits must be fed and cultivated with the right nutrients. If your greatness must emerge, you must be fed with the right nutrients.

3. Time- Every seed duly cultivated requires time to go through the process of emerging into a tree. If your greatness must emerge, you need time to discover yourself, develop yourself and deliver your gifts with diligence to your world.
Now you know the ‘E.N.T’ principle, apply yourself diligently and let your greatness emerge!


The Love-Life


Love is a beautiful thing and undoubtedly one of the most potent forces in the world today, yet it is one of the most misconceived ideas about life.

As simple as it sounds, the effect of genuine Love is everlasting.

Made by Love, marked by Love and kept by Love, when we receive God’s love in our hearts, we are enabled to make our world a better place by sharing His Love and His Life with people around us, making all things bright and beautiful.

Let’s therefore determine to Live, to Love God and to Love our neighbors as ourselves.

Let’s choose the Love-Life!



Transform your world


Everything good we see around us today is a product of creativity.

Now this is not because some people are geniuses, but because they realized that the power to transform the world lies inherent in everyone.

God, in all of His years as Sovereign and Almighty never created chairs and tables, rather He Created trees and put in man the Creativity, Imagination and Ideas in order to turn trees into amazing products that meet needs and adds value.

It is this same realization that has triggered millions of inventions and innovations that have transformed and is still transforming our world.

If you can tap into your inherent abilities and maximize them to meet needs and add value, then you can transform your world!

Value & Innovation

Competitive Advantage Concept

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Umuahia in Abia State where I spoke at a young people’s gathering and I traveled with the renowned Rivers Transport Company- RTC.

So I bought my ticket and boarded the bus and was ready for our voyage to Umuahia when I observed someone standing by the door of the bus, holding out a bottle of water and saying to me: ‘Oga take’… it was the driver of the bus, distributing bottles of RTC-branded water to every passenger [for free].

I took mine and thanked him. For other passengers, some thanked the driver while some were puzzled about the whole idea of receiving free water from transporters.

As we took off on our journey and I thought about this new feat, it quickly dawned on me that RTC decided to innovate their system and process by adding value and this is a top secret of great brands.

Just like RTC, you too can innovate and add sustainable value to grow your brand and remain relevant in 2018 and beyond.


5 Profound Lessons on FOCUS


So I spent some precious hours of my weekend facilitating a training session for students of a particular school in Port Harcourt city and I enjoyed my time out with them- especially the question and answer session, as they poured out their worries and concerns about life, purpose, vision, destiny, success, and lots more and I took my time to demystify these issues with my answers.

I shared a few lessons with them on FOCUS and I think they are worth sharing with you:

  1. Focus is a necessary ingredient for success in life.
  2. Your ability to see [so many things] can become a distraction to you.
  3. In order to Focus, you need to become blind to your distractions.
  4. Whatever is not your priority is a distraction.
  5. To achieve success, you must feed your focus and starve your distractions.

Success wants you as much as you want it, FOCUS and diligence among other factors will enable you hit the mark.


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We are 15 days into 2018 and truth be told, time is not waiting, but ticking and we must not be ignorant of this.

We must therefore take advantage of the time we have now, to EXECUTE.

Having a dream, a goal and a vision is fantastic, but if you don’t wake up and work your dream, it will remain lifeless.

From the creation story, we learn that God worked and applied Himself until He perfectly EXECUTED all He had in His plan.

Success never happens by accident and likewise failure. Both of them are deliberately planned and prepared for.

Your EXECUTION must be with Excellence, Ruthlessness, Diligence and Precision!

Now is the time to wake up, apply yourself diligently and EXECUTE your plans each day, in order to birth good success in 2018 and beyond.






When you take a good look at the picture attached to this article, many things comes to mind, but one word captures the thoughts I want to share with you and that is RE-INVENT!

It has become an almost regular feat for manufacturers to RE-INVENT their products and models with innovation each coming year and this renews the attraction and relevance of their products to the market.

And as you read this article and admire the picture, take a minute or two to think of how you can RE-INVENT yourself in 2018 and set your dreams on fire in order to achieve your greatness.

It’s time to RE-INVENT, RESET and RE-LAUNCH yourself for good success this year and beyond.