Harness Your Greatness!


So I recently read a story told by my favorite Jewish Rabbi, whom I follow closely and He spoke about the mustard tree, a tree which is common around the middle-east region.

In His story, He explained how little and minute the mustard seed is, but when it is planted in a field and duly cultivated, it grows to become a very big tree with great branches that provide herbal leaves, edible fruits and suitable shelter.

Then I quickly realized that the strength of every seed is not in It’s initial or raw state, but in it’s potential to be cultivated, to grow and to produce.

Most people tend to despise their seed and consequently neglect it because it seems too little and insignificant in It’s raw form, but don’t be fooled:

“the potential of every seed is placed inside of it and can’t be seen with the natural eye”

It is therefore your responsibility to take your seed- your God-given talent, your dreams and your ideas regardless of how they seem in their raw form and like the mustard seed, you MUST cultivate it, harness it and maximize it, so it can grow and bring forth fruits that will cause your greatness to emerge.



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