Two Secrets of Efficient Growth

60So for the three consecutive days, I took a conscious walk around my friend’s fish farm in the course of the previous week and I’ll share my observations with you, so you can learn a thing or two from them.

Taking a close look in and around, one particular pond caught my attention, and this was the pond that carried the latest set of fingerlings that had just arrived the farm a few days before I came around.

I keenly observed that the fingerlings grew and improved each passing day and they obviously fared well.

I quickly realized two major factors that determined their daily growth and they are:

  1. Their environment
  2. Their feed

The fingerlings were placed in a pond of conducive water (their strength zone), that enables growth and they were fed with balanced, nutritious and regular diet.

Truth be told: Whenever and wherever there’s efficient growth, these factors must be present.

Being in the right place but having the wrong diet will impede efficient growth and vise versa.

If you must experience effective and efficient growth, you must be critically about your environment and your diet, because where you are and what you feed on will either build or destroy you and your dream.




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